Another day in my life

So we’ve been in Tennessee just shy of a week. On a spur of the moment whim idea. Cause I’m bout that gypsy life đŸ˜‰ and I must say it was a great idea. Its very relaxing and SUPER quiet here. No where I’d want to live but a definite vacation area. Went to the Dunbar Caves yesterday, loved the history and the hike was beautiful. Baby boy got bit n today looks like Tyson hit him so that sucks but hopefully it’ll go done with the meds I gave him. Long night with the hubby and that shoulder of his, between his pain n lack of sleep combined with both our stress levels we’re an irritable mess. Finally got some coffee today so I’m happy bout that. We’ve decide to extend our trip another cpl days for a few reasons. 1. People are as unreliable as always. 2. So soothing and hate to return to reality. 3. Go bowling with the family tonight!!! I will be sad when we leave though I truly have enjoyed our visit, even though I did expect to see someone, fairy godmothers hospitality has been exceptional and that means a lot to me. There are still genuine ppl left who really just wanna be family without drama or expectations of something.  We’ve gone through so much in this short summer. We’ve loved, we’ve lost, we’ve fought, and learned lessons some obvious and some new surprising ones. But guess what?!?!? We are still a family and together and haven’t been broken yet, so cheers to us!! This year we have some new and interesting adventures in store and I’m ready. It time for me to stand up and do for me and mine. And whoever else decides they wanna be down for the which is HAPPINESS!!!

Always a Lady


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